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Katz Radio Group is developing what we call "In-Time Insights" during the Primary Season with its “The Local Vote 2016” research initiative. Katz commissioned Nielsen to survey a representative sample of registered voters across 10 states in the weeks leading up to the Presidential primaries. Voter sentiments are then linked back to these respondents’ local Scarborough data, demographic profiles and media consumption patterns.

In our first wave of data we learned that between 31 and 33% of voters in Colorado, Texas and Virginia have yet to decide on a candidate (undecided) or are not sure if they are voting (turnout targets). Together, we’re calling these folks “The Opportunity Vote”. Our second wave of data identified distinct differences in how candidate supporters and Undecideds use media. You can get more “In-Time Insights” from our reports throughout the Primary season:

Candidates & Issues

Want to know where the candidates stand on issues? Katz is tracking candidate positions – from Presidential down to Congressional Races - on our Issue Tracker. We will update the list as we continue to monitor state primary voters.